Surface Contracting Inc.

A General Engineering Contractor

Specializing in Road Building and Underground Utilities

Surface Contracting Inc. was established in 1986. 
We have worked hard to become a well established
contractor in Arizona.  Surface Contracting has built
roads and installed utilities all around the state.
We pride ourselves on our workmanship and are proud
that we can complete several different phases of
roadway construction and underground utilities.  

We have offices in both Snowflake and Glendale Arizona.

If you want to contact us click the following link to send us an email.

Mike Larson  -  Brian Larson  -  Erica Martin

We have also started a new company called Surface Trucking & Transport.  This company was started to fill a need for hauling freight along I-40.  We are always looking for good drivers to work with us. The trucks are stationed in Holbrook, AZ and you will be returning to this location every night. Please contact us if you are interested.  Click on the following link to get a more detailed description of the job.  
The website for this company will be published soon.

Glendale Office - Phone 623-435-9187 - Fax 623-435-2005
Snowflake Office - Phone 928-536-7179 - Fax 928-536-2186

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